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  1. I’d like to make a few comments about your article on G.O.N.E.R.S. I freely admit that we showed poor judgement in posting the photo that was given to us by our client. We trusted her for several reasons. The producers of American Haunting, formerly A Haunting, had already agreed to use the restaurant investigation in their series. There was no reason for her to ” frost the cake” ,the deal was already done, based on the legitimate activity we had personally recorded, There was no reason for her to attempt a hoax. I am baffled why she did this. Its been said many times, that we should have recognized the ” Famous ” picture. Well we didn’t. Maybe because the form was out of context and it had also been cropped, the details fuzzed, and put in a new background, I think via a “Ghost app” on the clients phone. I have been in the paranormal field since 1985. I don’t recall ever seeing the original picture, which for all I know, could be a fake too. I guess I just don’t sit in front of the computer for hours looking at other peoples supposed ghost pictures. I’m out there actually investigating. When we learned the original photo was copyrighted and turned into a Ghost Cam app, we immediately removed it from all media controlled by G.O.N.E.R.S. Thats all, thanks for the opportunity to point out a few things about this. I would appreciate it if you would give us an even shake by either posting this next to your article on us or at least linking it. Many thanks, Kurt Knapp Founder, G.O.N.E.R.S.

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