About The Bent Spoon Magazine

In the landscape of paranormal media, there are traditionally two unique, yet separate, brands.  One geared toward the believers, and the other more skeptical in nature.  The problem is that the true believers rarely, if ever, embrace a skeptical attitude or ask tough questions of their community; instead preferring to surround themselves with likeminded individuals that reinforce their own belief systems.  And the skeptics, likewise, promote science and critical thinking largely to those already open to it, or who are active participants in the skeptical community.  This results in an echo chamber effect, wherein the same ideas are bounced back and forth, guru-student relationships are inadvertently created, and neither side ends up learning much about the other.

Enter:  The Bent Spoon.

The Bent Spoon is a skeptical magazine for the true believer.  Within its pages you will find Q&A between those with opposing viewpoints, interviews with leading investigators and thinkers, as well as articles which will not only provide in-depth analysis, but also be critical of both believers and skeptics alike.  Along with reviews, comic strips, and other lighter fare, The Bent Spoon hopes to foster an attitude of outreach, forming a middle ground where believers and skeptics can come together and have a conversation about the issues and questions we’ve all given thought to.

The Bent Spoon.  Where extraordinary claims meet ordinary explanations.


5 thoughts on “About The Bent Spoon Magazine

  1. David Goldberg - St. Paul, MN says:

    While I find the premise of your publication to be encouraging, I find the fuzzy rendition of your masthead to be in direct opposition to your mission statement. Hopefully, the way you deal with issues will help bring clarity to the readers, not leave them befuddled by fuzzy thinking or exposition. Therefore, your banner headline should be a model of what you hope to accomplish, not contradict it.

  2. breadandblood says:

    Will bentspoon please cover story on some parallels between what we label today as “UFO abduction phenomenon” and that of mystical unions with religious figures such as Hildegard- “I saw a great mountain the color of iron, and enthroned on it One of such great glory that it blinded my sight. On each side of him there extended a soft shadow, like a wing of wondrous breadth and length. Before him, at the foot of the mountain, stood an image full of eyes on all sides, in which, because of those eyes, I could discern no human form.”–Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) http://books.google.com/books/about/Hildegard_of_Bingen.html?id=wyEjhLp0xNoC

  3. breadandblood says:

    this image was in my humanities class for this christian mystics and the medieval scholars attempting to depict it from her writings. she even mentions “port holes” in the sides with little gray/white men starring out of them! Sheesh, I said to the class, “uh, does this sound somewhat similar to what UFO sightings often report”, to which I was giggled at and the professor replied that we would not go into such conspiratorial waters.

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