An Experiment for Ghost Hunters

In lieu of the current, cookie- cutter methods of modern paranormal investigation routine, I have devised a new approach. One that will, in my opinion, garner more results that the current procedures. My hope is that a number of investigators will employ my method and return their results to the Bent Spoon, to be compiled into a future feature. You may choose to give my template to one member of your team while the rest carry on as normal.


Step one: Record the claim.

Carefully document the claims of your client, making sure to identify each event singly.

(If your team typically researches the history of the property, exclude any members taking place in this challenge and do not share the information with them at any point)


Step two: examining the claims.

The member(s) participating now examine each individual claim, applying the following questions to each:

1.) What is happening?

2.) What could cause this?

a.) What evidence supports this cause?

3.)Are there any alternative ways of looking at this?

(repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as possible for each claim)


Once you have satisfactorily answered these questions, you will have created a hypothesis.

(ex. Claim X may have been caused by Z)


Step three: Testing the hypothesis.

You must now design a test that can either prove or disprove your hypothesis created in step 3.


Step four: Data.

Record all of your results, including any claims that were untested. You may share them with your team, but more importantly, they should be shared with your peers. Post them on facebook or your team’s website or email them to the Bent Spoon.


An Experiment for Ghost Hunters

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