The Bent Spoon Magazine – Issue 9!!!!

We cover a wide variety of subject in this issue of The Bent Spoon.

Bobby Nelson examines why Ghost Box enthusiast, Jenny Stewart, is absolutely wrong when she claims that she got reliable messages from the after life.

Jason Korbus talks about contradictions made by ghost hunters.

Nick Callis talks a bit about skepticism

We interview Dustin Pari formally from Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters international

and much much more!!!

Download here: issue09

The Bent Spoon Magazine – Issue 9!!!!

7 thoughts on “The Bent Spoon Magazine – Issue 9!!!!

  1. Dave says:

    You continually prove to be the idiot that you are. Its too bad you can’t even get the facts straight. Do you have nothing better to do than attack people with your BS?

    1. Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

      Dave…you must be Jenny’s husband, nice to see you at least trying to defend her. However someone should probably explain to you what an ad hominem attack is, you and your wife use them quite often. Anyway next time you accuse us of distorting facts tell us exactly what facts we didn’t report, otherwise you look ignorant. Thanks for reading!

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