Issue 7 – Ghost Hunting pt. 1 has Finally Arrived!!!

Issue 7 part 1 is finally here!!!  Inside these pages you will find great articles such as:

5 Ghost Hunter Fallacies – by Jason Korbus

Up a Blind Alley, the Delusion of Going Dark – by Nick Callis

The EMF Hypersensitivity Myth – by Rachel Wolf

Anomaly Hunting in Ghost Investigation – by Benjamin Radford

Please Learn Your Terms – by Bobby Nelson

Scientific or Scientifical? Ghost Hunting Groups and their use of Science – by Sharon Hill

We also have a great interview with James “The Amazing” Randi

And much more!!!

download here: issue07





Issue 7 – Ghost Hunting pt. 1 has Finally Arrived!!!

8 thoughts on “Issue 7 – Ghost Hunting pt. 1 has Finally Arrived!!!

  1. OutdoorPro says:

    The Castle at Tutbury is one of the most haunted Castles in England. It has been the location of the World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt and has also featured on Living TVs Most Haunted. Ghost Hunters have been trying to have access to this location due to its chilling and terrifying atmosphere. There are plenty of areas to investigate at haunted Tutbury Castle which belongs to the Crown and with the site of the Castle dating back to the Stone Age and its bloodier past, there is a wealth of paranormal activity to investigate. In the King’s bedroom where you are not safe from activity even during the daytime. There is also the Great Hall where many people have witnessed poltergeist activity. Chairs moving on their own are a regular occurrence. People who work there have plenty of stories to tell when it comes to the ghosts and spirits of the Castle.

  2. OutdoorPro says:

    For sightseeing with a twist, why not book a tour for a ghost hunt? The UK is rich in history and there are many historic sites with reported sightings of ghosts and activities of a paranormal nature. You can take a sightseeing tour of churches or local pubs any day but actively seeking those things that go “bump in the night” is a unique experience sure to get your blood pumping.

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