Loren Coleman’s Cheap Attempt to get Hits on 9/11…

Shame on you Loren
Shame on you Loren

Over at Cryptomundo, a website dedicated to all things cryptid related, owner and operator Loren Coleman wrote a post titled “9/11’s Forgotten Fatality: Robert Steele.”

Coleman shamelessly plugging his book, The Copycat Effect, pastes a paragraph about a man who was killed by an alligator attack in Florida.

“Ellen Steele, 81, heard the screams of her 81-year-old husband Robert on September 11, 2001, and couldn’t do anything to save him. But most people never heard about Robert, and how an 11-foot-long alligator near Sanibel, Florida, fatally attacked him as he walked his dog that day. There was something much larger on the media horizon that day. On September 11, 2001, four jet airliners, with Flight 11 being the first, were involved in the largest single homicidal-suicidal effort in history to bring bloodshed, death, and terror to the core of American society.”

First of all, yes I feel sympathy for the family of this man…But I am failing to see how this attack is relevant at all to cryptozoology.  It isn’t a hidden animal, it isn’t mysterious, the alligator wasn’t in an area they are not native to, hell it wasn’t even considered abnormally large for an alligator.  Sure 11 feet sounds huge, I sure wouldn’t want to tango with one, but the common size for an adult American alligator is between 9 to 14.5 feet.

I am sorry that the world “forgot” about Mr. Robert Steele death, but Mr. Coleman I am sure you forgot about the 100,000 other deaths that occurred worldwide on 9/11/2001.  This was a cheap, tasteless attempt to try and plug your book and get hits on your website…nothing more.

Loren Coleman’s Cheap Attempt to get Hits on 9/11…

22 thoughts on “Loren Coleman’s Cheap Attempt to get Hits on 9/11…

    1. Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

      Good, it just shows that Coleman will do anything to whore himself out. He will even post a story that has no significance to cryptozoology in order to get hits on his website. Its horrid.

  1. Loren Coleman says:

    Dear Bobby the Skeptic
    Sorry to disappoint you, but I am merely a blogger at that site, Cryptomundo is not owned by me, and is not “my” website. I gain no benefit from extra hits, and I doubt most people read my posting that day. While you have every right to question my motives, I was sincerely expressing my condolences to a family whose loved one will forever be forgotten because he had the unfortunate coincidence of dying on 9/11. I am interested in the anniversary syndrome, and that’s why I wrote that posting on 9/11. I really could care less about hits.

    Ben Radford gets why I write about the copycat effect, and understands the significance of media behavior contagion in reportage for weird animal news, which is part of what is discussed at Cryptomundo. The managing editor of the Skeptic Inquirer endorsed my book and wrote a blurb for the cover.

    I closed the comments because the trolls, not the serious critics, were being disrespectful. I had other things to do on 9/11 than deal with idiots.

    Being an old academic, I always cite my sources, even when they are my own books, and it has nothing to do with “selling” anything. You can’t be serious that you think anyone would buy my books after reading something I wrote in that column in 2011, referencing a 2004 book, can you? I certainly don’t think that way.

    Loren Coleman

  2. Brian Rainey says:

    I don’t know what you have against Loren Coleman but this attack is totally uncalled for. You have basically called him a liar, cheat, beggar and whore. I thought that there was some very thoughtful and interesting material on these sites that you are affiliated with. Now I am flabbergasted. Why, oh why would anyone attack someone the way you have is totally unethical. You claim facts but in reality they are nothing but opinions (yours).
    I have visited hundreds of websites where “voluntary donations” are very much appreciated. But you pick out Mr. Coleman and call him a whore and a beggar!! WTF. Are we missing something here? Please tell.

    1. Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

      I don’t know where you read anything about donations on this site or in my post, but that was never mentioned. I never called Loren and a liar in my post (although he is) and I will gladly show how. I didn’t say anything but facts in this article, sorry if you didn’t like them. If you would like we can go point by point on the facts.

      1. Loren wrote an article about an alligator, not a cryptid.

      2. He tied it to 9/11, to get more hits. He says no but on May 2nd after Osama died he did the same thing with a pathetic article titled “Was Bin Laden as tall as Bigfoot?”

      3. He tried to make it seem like the world forgot about this death, but failed to mention 100,000 other deaths worldwide.

      Where’s the opinions?

  3. Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

    There is nothing unethical about printing FACTS sir. I’m not sorry for what I wrote, it was a cheap and lame attempt to get hits for cryptomundo. Loren says he can’t check the stats, THAT IS A LIE!!! I write for 5 wordpress blogs (which cryptomundo is) and I’m not owner and I can check the stats of each one.

  4. shadowdoubt says:

    In response to Mr. Coleman’s article on cryptomundo http://www.cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/some-skeptics/comment-page-1/#comment-73320

    I submitted the following comment:

    Mr. Coleman, Can you please explain to me how the aforementioned post was NOT a plug for your book?
    The blog article , titled with the sensationalist headline “9/11’s forgotten fatality Robert Steele” begins with a quote from your book “the copycat effect” followed by two other, slightly different reports of the same incident. The article is ended with a picture of the cover of your book. If anyone is to understand the relation of this story to your book, one would indeed need to buy it to understand the context and the only connection I can make between this story and the blog you posted it on is YOU.
    If you were simply offering condolences to the family of this victim, I see no need to make reference to your book in the first place. While I cannot claim to know your motivation for writing this post as you did, it appears quite evident to me that it was, in fact, to promote your work under the guise of sympathy.
    Again, while I cannot say this as fact, your reaction seems rather defensive, claiming that a simple apology would have sufficed, yet making this a public matter. This gives the impression that you’re seeking validation for something you’re guilty about.

    {in a second post}

    PS. thanks for the plug.
    Nicholas callis
    co- founder of the Bent Spoon magazine.

    Only the second comment was accepted. An excellent manipulation on Mr. Coleman’s part, making the magazine seem snarky and unprofessional (admittedly, that last part was) while omitting the section that could possibly make him look bad. The fact that he is intentionally not posting any questions or comments that challenge his side of the argument only damages his reputation more, in my opinion. If his post was sincere, only offering condolences to the victim’s, then he wouldn’t have anything to hide.

    I have resubmitted the first half of my comment several times now, and still it has not been posted. Since then, however, there have been many comments singing his praises.

  5. Brian Rainey says:

    1) Who cares if he wrote about an alligator!! I have never seen any rules saying that only cryptids are to be discussed on the site.
    2) You say he tied it to 911 to get more hits. Yes he tied it to 911 but how do you know it was to get more hits? Can you read minds? He said he didn’t, you said he did. You are calling him a liar!!!
    3) No he didn’t make it seem like the world forgot this death. He pointed out that it would have been headline news if not for the other tragic events that happened that day. It was just a point being made. As far as the other 100,000, I’m sure most wouldn’t have warranted frontpage news (not that their deaths were meaningless).
    4) I never said your site asks for donations. I was referring to some comments about Loren Coleman begging for money again. Crytomundo and hundreds (maybe thousands) of sites that I have visited ask for (politely) voluntary donations. PBS has been doing that for decades. Beggars, I hardly think so.

    It is your opinion that Loren Coleman posted this article to get more hits for Cryptomundo. I cannot see how you can say otherwise. He said he didn’t, you implied he was a liar. Nasty!! This could have been done in a much more civil manner.

    1. shadowdoubt says:

      Concerning #3,
      You say ” No he didn’t make it seem like the world forgot this death.”
      The title of the post was “9/11’s Forgotten Fatality: Robert Steele.”!

  6. Lanasty says:

    Heya Bobby, just wanted to say that you have made a new fan with this article. Loren Coleman repeatedly deleted my comments on his sight in the past because I tended to not agree with him most of the time. The last straw for me was when he actually went into one of my comments and changed its content. I had told him he had forgotten to leave a link in an article and he completely changed my comment to make it seem that I was commending him for his efforts. When asked why he changed my comment, he said the link had been there all the time and that he had done it so “I” wouldn’t be embarrassed. Ha! First off the link was not there when I first read the article. Loren Coleman is a liar, plain and simple. even if the link had been there I would have rather been “embarrassed” than misquoted. It just comes down to bad journalism, and a lack of the associated integrity. Anyone who claims to be so open-minded should be able to take negative commentary along with the douchebags kissing his ass all day. What the hell has this guy ever done than sell other peoples stories and collect money for his so-called museum. Oh yeah Loren, you should come over to my house so I can show you my used chewing gum museum. It’s under my picnic table in the backyard, but it will still be $12.50 if you want to see it. I also have famous peoples used gum, well not exactly…but I have recreations of famous peoples used gum. You want to see those and it will be another $20.
    Bobby, it’s good to see someone calling this crackpot out. Also cool to see that you don’t edit out the comments of those who don’t agree with you. Funny he kept making the point that he doesn’t own the blog yet he seems to act like he owns the comment section. Thanks for giving the folks who see through this barnumesque bull a place to disagree with this guy.

  7. Lanasty says:

    Here is the email I received from Loren when I asked why he was editing comments;

    ” Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 17:30:22 -0400
    Subject: Your comments
    From: lcoleman@maine.rr.com
    To: _________@hotmail.com

    Your comments contained factually incorrect information that would have given folks the wrong data and misdirected them. The hyperlink was in the posting from the beginning, despite you being unable to find it. Nothing was changed in the posting. But your comment was corrected, so you would not be embarrassed. I was trying to do you a favor.

    However, it is apparent you have taken this the wrong way, and now are using the comments to send personal angry messages. That is a no-no.

    Therefore, your past comment has been removed entirely. All future ones will be deleted until you return to saying something of import.

    By the way, according to the Terms of Use, merely sending in a comment allows any administrative editing and moderation deemed necessary to be undertaken.”

    Yes, I did take it the wrong way. Just as anyone whose comments have been “corrected”
    by Coleman would be. What a snotty dick. Loren Coleman is a seedy fellow indeed. So I sent him this,

    “Once again, you edited my comments. You are a liar plain and simple. Just delete my account. It’s what you want anyway. Obviously an open discussion is something you are are unable to have. You are editing your website, weakening your own positions. I hope you have fun pretending to be open-minded. I’m sorry you are so worried about what others have to say that you constantly have to defend yourself in your articles and comments. I hope that someday you can learn some couthe and how to address something without going on the defense and deleting others comments. That chip on your shoulder grows heavier by the week I’m sure. I will find somewhere else to have a real conversation instead of the ones you have chosen to create. Good luck with that”

    I know I didn’t have to leave my response, just making sure I cover it now in case he gets butt hurt and responds. Wouldn’t want him misquoting me again, but I’m sure you guys understand.

  8. Jim says:

    Loren also exploited tragedy during the Tucson Arizona shootings in the same way–nineteen shot and six killed.


    He censored my comments on that day explaining my disappointment as well. I posted this on the recent blog post as well…yet to be seen if they’ll be published.

    I also have screenshots and email correspondence from Loren outlining his censorship and “explanation.”

    Essentially, Loren Coleman would exploit his mother’s obituary to sell a book. There now is a clear, provable pattern.

    Sad, very sad.

  9. Keegan says:

    you people are all just mindlessly following your leader, bobby the skeptic. im sure this is also hapening with cryptomundo, wich is were i am coming from, but the people on this site arnt using facts, there just yelling at eachother mindlessly. and another thing, loren coleman is NOT a liar, he simply presents the facts for one to interpret for themselves.

    1. shadowdoubt says:

      Keegan, This is not a matter dealing with facts, but one dealing in interpretations, opinions, and motives. Bobby is not anyone’s “leader”. He and I are equal partners here at the Bent Spoon. If Coleman and Woolheater were allowing any comments to be posted that were contrary to their position, you’d see that others had their own take on this situation (including my dozen or so comments seen above).

    2. Bobby Nelson says:

      I swear I wish there was a “like” button, this post was beyond cute.

      But again let’s go over this point by point, so people like yourself will learn to read properly and hopefully have your eyes open instead of blindly following someone like Loren “The Liar” Coleman.

      The title of the post is called “9/11’s Forgotten Fatality: Robert Steele” – posted on September 11th 2011 (The ten year anniversary of 9/11)

      The first line of the post is:
      “From my book, The Copycat Effect, New York: Paraview Pocket-Simon and Schuster, 2004: pages 24-25:”

      This is called a BOOK PLUG, Loren is plugging his own book!!! And all he did was post a paragraph from his own book, HIS OWN BOOK, then he followed up with a few corroborating stories.

      Also to prove this was for hit on May 2nd, 2011 the day after Bin Laden died, he made a pathetic post titled “Was Bin Laden as Tall as Bigfoot”.

      So two major events and two posts that are unrelated to the events but with the names of the events in the title. THIS IS A TRICK BLOGGERS USE TO GENERATE HITS!!!!!! Do you think Coleman is the only blogger that exists???

      Also you never cite yourself as a reference; it was clearly an attempt to get people to check out his book. I also don’t see why the cover of his book was relevant to the post, yet there it is at the bottom of the post. Loren also states that this isn’t his blog, well through some FACT checking we were able to find that it is called The Blog of Loren Coleman and some other people.

      He also said

      “If I am not the “owner and operator,” have no idea about how many hits Cryptomundo routinely gets, don’t get any benefit for increased traffic to the site, and have seen no fiscal rewards tied to any per increased readings of any blog I write, why would I care about increasing hits on 9/11? Give me a break. The “bent spoon skeptic” claim was dead wrong, and why can’t that just be admitted and then move on. A simple “I’m sorry” would have been enough.”

      THIS IS A BLATANT LIE, Loren Coleman can check the stats and hits on cryptomundo! Cryptomundo is a WordPress blog, the same as the other 5 blogs I write for. I DON’T OWN ANY OF THEM, but I can still check the stats and see how many hits I and the blog get.
      Cryptomundo also deletes comments, even if nothing vulgar was being said… I actually challenge you to find something I said that was improper, vulgar or offensive. If you don’t agree with the bloggers on cryptomundo your comments are deleted, this isn’t truth, that isn’t fair…that’s called being cowardly.

      As far as me being a leader, hahahahaha, I am no leader. Everyone who writes for The Bent Spoon is an equal. You see people I work with have a mind of their own; we don’t follow each other like mindless robots. We also don’t hide from criticism or delete posts. So I urge you to do some FACT checking before responding. Thanks!


  10. Lanasty says:

    Keegan, you may find using spellcheck helpful in being persuasive. And yes, your Hero Loren is a liar of the nastiest kind. One with an agenda, which is to make money. Pretty simple when you look at the facts. Now as for Bobby, I had never even heard of him until Loren got defensive and spewed hate in his direction. Bobby was stating the facts in his article above, and if you would take the time to read it you might see that. I may not have been a fan of this blog before, but I sure as he’ll am now. I don’t know how you can look at the thread here and come to the conclusion that anyone is blindly following. I don’t think you have even read the other comments. Don’t be like Loren and defensively react at the drop of a hat. Learn to listen to the opinions of others and you may end up doing something real in your retirement instead of running a cryptozoology museum. Good luck with that open-minded search.

  11. Lanasty says:

    Can you guys help me start my own blog called “Why Loren Coleman is a tool.”
    We could quote his articles and then leave the comment section open for those censored on Craptomundo. I have a feeling it might end this argument.

  12. Josh says:

    I’m a skeptic but I try not to jump on a bandwagon just because someone else is a skeptic too. I also have had my share of annoyances With Coleman, none personal mind you just based off of what he has said in the past. That being said prior to reading these comments I could see how Loren could be in the right. After all, I thought, it could be tied to 9/11 just to be on topic for that day. Much like how he could post a Christmas or Halloween article. But after reading all these comments I’m definitely leaning towards Bobby now. This many articles all banking on hot news stories with no relation to cryptids except the inclusion of his book is highly suspect. Although I wouldn’t really fault him anything if he had just said something like,” I don’t really appreciate all the name calling,however, it is true that I used those headlines to advertise my book. it was affective albeit in poor taste to do so. I should not have used tragedy to bring attention to myself.” It would also help if he didn’t censor comments. I’ve seen all manner of censorship from paranormal,UFO or religious groups online but I’ve never heard of editing someone else’ comment. Even if it is for their benefit, such as spelling errors, it is something that should only be done with the person’s permission.
    I’ve often wondered if I should get an account on Cryptomundo to voice my skeptical opinion however I always assumed I would be buried underneath thumbs down. I stopped trying to reason with these kinds of people a few years back when I still believed in ghosts and all the other fringe woo. I used to visit a site called ghost-pictures (or something like that). I came across a picture touted as real and realized it could be explained. Considering they had a section called fake ghost photos I decided that I would present them with my argument that it wasn’t really a ghost but a light trick in the picture frame. I wrote it all out point by point and included pictures that I edited to make the effect more obvious. I sent the e-mail expecting at least a reply. It’s been almost a decade now and I’ve never heard a peep from them. If you can find the site I’m sure the picture is still up. I apologize for getting so off topic. It’s just been so long since I’ve been able to freely voice all of this.

    1. shadowdoubt says:

      I personally have mind numbing experiences in all paranormal forums, but it goes with the territory. You just always have to remember to remain rational and not stoop to name calling or grammar policing.

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