They’re Out There Man

So I am a little late on checking out Melodysheep’s new music, if you haven’t heard Symphony of Science stop reading this immediately and go download it…you won’t be sorry.  Anyway I thought I would share one of his new little catchy tunes called ‘They’re Out There, Man! UFO Guy Remixed.’  It is taken from a hilarious interview with a guy on the street on the existence of aliens and UFO’s. 

“I don’t believe in UFOs, but this guy makes me want to. Apparently confusing Area 51 with Air Force 1, a man in a Chicago airport details his plans to visit aliens in Arizona and beyond.” – Melodysheep


I’m plannin a trip, plannin’ a trip
I’m goin out to Air Force One
Air Force One where they found all that stuff
They’re out there man

I’m flying in a plane
And I’m always hallucinating
But who really knows, who really knows what I’m looking at
Know what I’m sayin?

You think there’s little green men out there?
No litte green men sir
They could be made of water
I don’t even know
who knows, dude, who knows

But there’s no proof just people’s accounts
You’re right there’s no proof, but
There’s no proof of Jesus
That’s just kinda the way I see things

They’re out there man, I seen ’em
I’ve been out there, Aurora Texas
They’re out there man, I seen ’em
They got them little graves ‘n stuff

I hope you all enjoy and go purchase Symphony of Science…seriously…do it.

They’re Out There Man

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