Issue 3 – Spirit Communication

The Bent Spoon Issue 3
The Bent Spoon Issue 3

The Bent Spoon  Issue 3 – Spirit Communication

Jason Korbus returns with his monthly column Soupernatural where he talks about the controversial flashlight experiment.

 The Bent Spoon holds a brilliant interview with Matthew Baxter

Rachel Wolf talks a bit about Unity and why it is bad for believers and skeptics.

Nick Callis and Bobby Nelson talk about a couple stories that made the news such as Bigfoot and failed psychic predictions.

The question if the Modern Day Paranormal Movement is based on a lie is covered.

This issue also has Reviews of:

Paranormality: Why we see what isn’t there – By Professor Richard Wiseman

Ghost Hunters Guide Book – By Troy Taylor

Syfy’s new television show “Haunted Collector”

And The Travel Channels new show “Paranormal Challenge”

And other Topics such as:

  • EVP
  • Ouija Boards
  • Ghost Boxes

We also can’t forget Pareidolia of the month and of course “Believer vs. Skeptic” comic by Andre Frattino and Bobby Nelson.

Hope you all enjoy!!!

HERE IT IS!!!!  Issue03

Issue 3 – Spirit Communication

4 thoughts on “Issue 3 – Spirit Communication

  1. Nice Ouija® article. My own research also shows that the whole demon thing sprang up in the wake of The Exorcist. Sales of the boards also went through the roof at that time. With millions of boards sold, one would think that we would be inured to possessed children by now. “What, now little Billy down the block’s possessed by Pazouzou? Great. What’s for dinner.” This demon thing is amazing in that the christers actually believe in a monster that’s stronger than their god! They believe in this devil with more fervor than they exhibit for that god, as well; talking about satan incessantly. I LOVE how they pissed their pants when Toys-R-Us sold that pink Ouija® board a few years ago. Naturally, I bought one. How could I resist?
    Hey, one thing: that bit about the old charlatan who calls himself James Randi… you know, the blindfolds? It is based upon the rather inane premise that spirits have eyes. What’s with that? All spiritualists will tell you that the board works through the person, not through ghosts. So NATURALLY, the operator needs to see it. That “test” is as goofy as the one with the poker chips that “proves” humans move the planchette. Of course humans move it. Nobody ever claimed it moved by itself, except in those Friend of a Friend stories about it flying off the board. What inspires us to move it in a certain way is the question. Anyway, I am working my way through your 3 issues and enjoying it.
    FYI: I have a chapter exposing the fraud of “Randi” in my book on Mind Power and, yes, spoon bending…
    Best of luck to you with this endeavor. I know how hard it is to maintain a publication. I have owned a community newspaper for 12 years. It ain’t easy…
    Rev. Eliot

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